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How things work

From the New York Times:

Ummmm okay these are good first steps but I don’t know, could this article maybe mention that basically all of the attackers are men and as such, massive, systemic changes need to be made OUTSIDE of universities as well so that when these men get to university (or don’t), they don’t think that they can assault women and get away with it? i.e., maybe instead of just making campuses safer, the New York Times AND EVERYONE ELSE could start talking about making it safer for women everywhere in society? Like, maybe, I don’t know, THE POLICE could adopt something like this?

Because that 1 in 5 statistic for sexual assault? It also applies to women who aren’t in college, who aren’t of the age to go to college, and who will never go to college. In fact, I’m pretty sure that 1 in 5 is low-balling it.


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Wait, what?

From the New York Times review of Game of Thrones:

What? Yes, the way to appeal to women viewers (and remember, women are a monolith who all enjoy the exact same things), is to add nudity, rape, “bed-hopping,” and INCEST to your already misogynist show. Yes. That is Marketing 101. That is definitely what all women want to see on TV. Great work, NYT! Those plotlines have definitely been added or amplified specifically for THE LADIES, who would rather set themselves on fire than watch a fantasy-based TV show that does NOT feature incest. You got it!


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