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Best books I read in 2015

In no particular order.

A Little Life — Hanya Yanagihara (9/10): Super depressing, but finishing it felt like I had actually accomplished something (but did I?).

California — Edan Lepucki (9/10): I will always read a good (or even middling) post/mid-apocalyptic story. This was a good one.

Station Eleven — Emily St. John Mandel (9.5/10): Similar to California, but I actually preferred this one.

Gut — Giulia Enders (9.5/10): If anyone ever wants to talk about poop and/or how your digestive tract is/is not working, I’m here for you. This book was basically written for me.

A God in Ruins — Kate Atkinson (9/10): I mean, Kate Atkinson, right!?

Missoula — Jon Krakauer (9/10): I mean, Jon Krakauer, right??

The Night Guest — Fiona McFarlane (9/10): Really surprised at how much I liked this one.

Bird Box — Josh Malerman (9.5/10): I don’t generally read “horror” novels, but this seemed like a good representative of the genre.

Honourable mentions: Why Not Me? — Mindy Kaling; Lock In — John Scalzi; The Girl on the Train — Paula Hawkins; Strangers at the Feast — Jennifer Vanderbes; Step Aside, Pops — Kate Beaton.


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2016 Resolutions/general life goals.

Do these have to start tomorrow (the 1st), or can they wait until Monday (the 4th)? Just checking. (I am TOTALLY dedicated to these.)

I know that resolutions/goals are supposed to be super specific in order to make them more likely to be realized, and I don’t think that all of these are specific enough, but oh well. INTENTIONS, right!


  • Stop eating candy for dinner.
  • Stop eating candy at work.
  • Work out at least three times a week, and fit in a fourth workout every other week.
  • Do something physically challenging.


  • Take an actual vacation.
  • Be more positive.
  • How do I say this… Get right with death?
  • Start meditating for 10 minutes a day.
  • As always, write my novel.


  • Take Mila somewhere interesting and special once a month.
  • Be a good role model so that Mila thinks that being happy and healthy is the norm, not an anomaly.


  • Find my HG mascara.

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