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Smart take.

Currently on the home page of Salon:



Cool website. Very progressive. Very inclusive. Definitely doesn’t make me think that it cares more about male readers, or that it assumes the default reader of the site is male.


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Lesley’s Trailer Reviews

After Earth: A blogger pointed out that Will Smith’s face looks weird in this trailer and it really does. It makes me think that he’s going to turn out to be a hologram or something. Also I thought it was dumb how at the end of the trailer Will Smith is like, “Do you know where we are? …EARTH.” Like, duh. Was that supposed to be a big reveal?? Also his son is in it?? I don’t know about this anymore.

Superman: BORING! What a boring trailer, except for the last 40 seconds. Also, it seems like they’re going to really play up this Superman = Jesus thing. Also, Zach Snyder, ugh.

If you can’t make a trailer as good as Battleship’s trailer, PACK IT IN!!

ETA: I just watched Battleship’s trailer again. What an amazing trailer. Better than these other two trailers EVEN THOUGH it’s derivative of every single Transformers trailer (while being better than those trailers). It’s THAT GOOD.

ETA 2:

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