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Comparing yourself to a millionaire and other pitfalls.


HA HA HA NO I FUCKING DON’T. You think Beyonce took public transit to work today?

I recently unfollowed a popular Toronto-based “nutrition expert” when she started a post-baby “Get Back in Your Skinny Jeans, You Fat Moms” campaign (not the exact title of the campaign). This seemed to be a very off-brand choice for her — through social media, this expert has crafted an image that implies she ate and exercised perfectly throughout her pregnancy AND after giving birth, while always and only using all-natural, organic, HOMEMADE skincare and cleaning products. So why the hard left-turn from focusing on “health” to focusing on “skinny”?

(Also: give me a break. No one’s eating perfectly and making all their own products throughout pregnancy and while caring for a baby without having a tonnnnnnn of help (that, by the way, isn’t getting mentioned).)

The skinny jeans campaign and this stupid Beyonce meme all feeds into a culture that asks women, especially moms, that since we “have the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce, why aren’t we more like Beyonce, why are we sitting on the couch watching Adventure Time while eating sour patch kids, does that sound like something Beyonce would do with her hours, this is why you’re not Beyonce.”

Beyonce and her hours + the incessant drumbeat of “experts” who are way too eager to see moms in tight pants comprises another effort to shame motivate women to, I don’t know, get off their lazy asses and be more productive/eat better/exercise more/lose baby weight/use pinterest/buy mugs. Only the women though: there’s a reason why nobody’s talking about Jay-Z’s hours and no one’s trying to get his dadbod into skinny jeans. (The reason is sexism.)

(Actually, and capitalism.)



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No, no. Don’t change a thing. You look GREAT.

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Smart take.

Currently on the home page of Salon:



Cool website. Very progressive. Very inclusive. Definitely doesn’t make me think that it cares more about male readers, or that it assumes the default reader of the site is male.

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Lesley’s Trailer Reviews

After Earth: A blogger pointed out that Will Smith’s face looks weird in this trailer and it really does. It makes me think that he’s going to turn out to be a hologram or something. Also I thought it was dumb how at the end of the trailer Will Smith is like, “Do you know where we are? …EARTH.” Like, duh. Was that supposed to be a big reveal?? Also his son is in it?? I don’t know about this anymore.

Superman: BORING! What a boring trailer, except for the last 40 seconds. Also, it seems like they’re going to really play up this Superman = Jesus thing. Also, Zach Snyder, ugh.

If you can’t make a trailer as good as Battleship’s trailer, PACK IT IN!!

ETA: I just watched Battleship’s trailer again. What an amazing trailer. Better than these other two trailers EVEN THOUGH it’s derivative of every single Transformers trailer (while being better than those trailers). It’s THAT GOOD.

ETA 2:

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Club Monaco, you are killing me.

Honest to god, what is going on here?


Is this model angry that she’s working for Club Monaco? Does she hate being photographed? What? What is it? Is she bored?

WORST CAMPAIGN EVER! Possibly even worse than J Crew. Just, a disaster.

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I can’t wait to hear an evolutionary psychologist explain this

Most people know that evolutionary psychology (EP) is a fake science devoted to pushing sexist and racist agendas. I mean, it’s super terrible. You know when you hear some dude talking about how men are “biologically driven” to “mate” with younger women because “it’s in their DNA”? That’s EP. It’s also been used to “explain” things like rape and why men cheat (“they can’t help themselves”). I think that most people know it’s total bullshit, but if you didn’t, or you were on the fence for some reason, check out this study reported by the New York Times today.

The study basically says that as a man gets older, the chances that he will father a child with autism or schizophrenia becomes greater “because of random mutations that become more numerous with advancing paternal age.” The study found that age 20 is the best time for men to have children, and that “the age of mothers had no bearing on the risk for these disorders.”


So not only is it actually in a woman’s BEST INTEREST to have children with a younger man, but this study also says that the age of the mother doesn’t matter. I seriously can’t wait to hear an evolutionary psychologist’s response to this. If you want to believe in EP, you now have to admit that there must be a strong biological urge for women of all ages to want to have kids with younger dudes. But then why do we almost never see older women with younger men? It’s almost like there’s this structure in place in society that exclusively benefits (rich, white) men! It’s almost like everything EP stands for is a lie not based in actual science, but actually based on the patriarchal fantasies of many evolutionary psychologists!

Predictably, since this study is saying something slightly negative about men and rains scientific proof down on their dream to be able to have kids with younger women when they’re super old, there are already hundred of comments about how this study is totally dumb and worthless. It’s certainly “interesting” how a lot of men are super invested in not wanting to be told what they can’t do with their bodies, while being very, very invested in being able to tell women exactly what they can’t do with theirs.


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Despite the idiotic headline, I read this article

Today in the New York Times: “Despite Alarm by U.S., Europe Lets Hezbollah Operate Openly.”

Okay. To begin with, let’s just get this out of the way, that is a terrible headline. The idea that “Europe” (I’m assuming that is supposed to be the EU, but why get into specifics) could “let” or “not let” Hezbollah, a political party with democratically elected members in the Lebanese government, operate “openly” is ridiculous. They’re part of the government! What would the plan be here? To have the US go into a sovereign nation that it’s not (yet, who knows with those guys) at war with and tear apart its government? Great plan!

Washington and Jerusalem insist that Hezbollah is an Iranian-backed terrorist organization with bloody hands, and that it is working closely with Tehran to train, arm and finance the Syrian military’s lethal repression of the uprising there. Yet, the European Union continues to treat it foremost as a Lebanese political and social movement.

PPPPCCRRHHHWWWW!!! That is the sound of my brain exploding! I am going to try to not be sarcastic here, so: perhaps the reason why the European Union treats Hezbollah foremost as a Lebanese political and social movement is precisely because it is a Lebanese political and social movement (???).

Israeli and American officials have attributed the Bulgarian bus bombing last month that killed six people, including five Israeli tourists, to Hezbollah and Iran, saying it was part of a clandestine offensive that has included plots in Thailand, India, Cyprus and elsewhere.

Oh really? That’s weird because on the next page of the article, it says, “Hezbollah’s defenders note that no hard evidence has been produced tying the group to the Bulgarian bus bombing.” So is there evidence or not? If there is, why isn’t that discussed in this paragraph of the article? (And in what way is bombing a bus “clandestine”? Ugghh let’s not even get into it.)

Hezbollah has maintained a low profile in Europe since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001,

Umm so it’s kept a low profile (except for all of these clandestine efforts) for 11 years. What a nefarious plan! Step 1: get elected to the government. Step 2: but also keep a low profile for 11 years. Step 3: while keeping a low profile, bomb a bus.

quietly holding meetings and raising money that goes to Lebanon, where officials use it for an array of activities — building schools and clinics, delivering social services and,

GASP! Not…building SCHOOLS!? And clinics?! SOCIAL SERVICES?!

Western intelligence agencies say, carrying out terrorist attacks.

Oh. Hmm. Who are these Western intelligence agencies? I’m just wondering because it seems like the EU intelligence agencies don’t agree? Maybe it’s time to exchange info?

Skeptics here in Europe say that as Hezbollah has become more political the group has moved away from its terrorist past, if not forsaken it entirely, and that Israel is stoking fears as it seeks to justify an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

HMMMM. What’s that? No, I doubt that’s the case. That’s pretty far-fetched! I mean, what a conspiracy theory!

Not to put too fine a point on it, and I certainly don’t want to have to bring up the past, but: let’s not forget that Hezbollah formed in response to Israel’s 1982 invasion into Lebanon. Why the US is still pretending that it doesn’t understand why nations that get attacked form groups to counter those attacks is seriously bizarre. Why, the US acting like Hezbollah is issuing drone strikes and assassinating Lebanese citizens without a trial! [SNAP!]

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