2016: A year in review: Books

These are the best 11 books I read in 2016:

All Things Cease to Appear — Elizabeth Brundage (9/10)

GREAT murder “mystery” book (not totally a mystery because you know who did it). A bit of a ghost story, but more in the sense of how what you don’t do in life will haunt you. Also very clearly about how women get trapped into terrible relationships.

Killing and Dying — Adrian Tomine (recommended)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: suburban ennui is hands-down my favourite genre and Tomine is a master at catching the subtle expressions that go along with those exasperating relationship fights. I waited a long time to read this, and it was totally worth it.

Before the Fall — Noah Hawley (recommended)

Great suspense novel. A lot of the plot threads are familiar because they are straight from recent news stories, but Hawley weaves them together in a believable way. A really quick read!

Good As Gone — Amy Gentry (9.5/10)

I read this book in less than 12 hours because I wanted to know the ending! I literally just finished reading it at work by hiding it under my desk 🙊

The Lightkeepers — Abby Geni (9/10)

So well-written and subtle. Has a bit of a mystery that is ambiguously resolved. Plus I learned a lot about the Farallon Islands!

Smoke — Dan Vyleta (9/10)

This book was a bit of a heart-breaker because the first 200 pages are absolutely amazing and then things slow to a crawl and there’s no real payoff. The concept is so creative and the book could’ve delved into about a million different things, but it settled on an unfulfilling conclusion. Whyyyyyyyy!!!

Heat & Light — Jennifer Haigh (9/10)

If someone comes to your house and asks if they can frack on your property, say no. TRUST ME. The money will seems great, but it is NOT WORTH IT. Haigh captures why so many people agree to allow companies to drill on their land, and why they come to regret it.

You Will Know Me —Megan Abbott (9/10)

An extremely dramatic look at the world of competitive gymnastics. Or maybe it’s not that dramatic 🤔 and competitive gymnastics regularly involves DEATHHHHHHH 💀☠️👻

KING BABY — Kate Beaton (10/10)

Soooooo good and hilarious and Kate Beaton-y. Perfect gift for anyone, but especially for someone who is expecting, or just had, a second baby.

Loner — Teddy Wayne (9/10)

Great critique of entitled white guy syndrome (or at least, that’s how I’m choosing to interpret it — I’ve read reviews that said the author was sympathetic to the main character in the end, but I am choosing to believe that is a gross misinterpretation).

The Mothers — Brit Bennett (9.5/10)

MOTHERS!! No matter what, they will probably inevitably screw you up or impact your life choices in an outsized way!! Damn!! Okay, that’s a very superficial reading of this wonderful book by a first-time author and no I’m not jealous, thanks for asking.


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