An open letter to the j crew March 2012 catalogue

Dear j crew March 2012 catalogue,

I must formally request that you refrain from treating your readers like morons who don’t realize that j crew clothes are very preppy and very expensive and as such, the ridiculous hair styling presented before us can only be a total joke. No one who wears j crew from head to toe is styling her hair like this.

This isn’t even “she just woke up” hair. This is hair that has been carefully styled to look, I don’t even know, like she’s been wearing a winter hat for days and she’s been really sweating into it?

What is even happening here? What is the look you are going for, catalogue? You are full of the preppiest clothes possible, but you want readers to believe that the same woman who wears preppy, expensive clothes also rubs her scalp in grease and carefully makes her hair look like a giant comb-over before she leaves the house? Stop.

By far though, catalogue, this is the worst offender:

Catalogue, PLEASE. These women are in bridesmaid’s dresses. You mean to tell me that at a wedding where all of the bridesmaids are wearing expensive j crew dresses, they are going to arrive with hair like this? No. That is ridiculous. They look like they just ran a marathon and then pulled on these dresses. No. I will not accept this, catalogue. This doesn’t make any sense. Who are you trying to appeal to? This doesn’t look casual and effortless. It looks like a LOT of effort went into making sure these women had messy, greasy, hat hair. This isn’t 1994. You aren’t selling grunge clothes in a misguided attempt to capitalize on a nostalgic customer base. You sell SPERRY’S, for god’s sake!

Get your act together, catalogue.

Do better, be better: Let this be your motto for your April 2012 catalogue.





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2 responses to “An open letter to the j crew March 2012 catalogue

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