Missing the Point Award

Sometimes you will be reading an article that seems pretty innocuous and that you’re vaguely interested in and then just as you get to the last paragraph of the article you will suddenly say out loud, “wait, what did that say?”

This article is a good example of that:


There are so many things wrong with that paragraph, and I’m not even including the extra “like” that’s in there!! (Good proofreading, btw.) So much mess in two short sentences!

FIRST: Teenagers “all but ask” to be hated!? Yikes! I feel badly for your kids! Very few people want to be hated, and I’m guessing that insecure teenagers actually DO NOT want to be hated! Especially by their own parents!

THEN: This writer honestly thinks that a show can BACKFIRE by hating the MOTHERS of the show? Have you SEEN TV before? Because there seem to be a LOT of shows where the Dad is the cool, fun one, and the Mom is the buzz-kill shrew! And I’m pretty sure those shows are popular!

AND THEN: There’s this whole “women’s self-hatred” thing that’s casually tossed in there! Like, is this just a thing that we acknowledge and accept as a society? That women hate themselves, and everyone knows it, but oh well? I actually can’t think of any TV moms that seem to hate themselves (even the buzz-kill shrews)! AND I WATCH THE WALKING DEAD! Also there is this implication that a woman hating herself would generally have nothing to do with misogyny at all! That is false! Guess what? When you live in a society that constantly reinforces the message that women are, to put it broadly, not as good as men, that is a misogynist message and it is very likely at the root of most women’s self-hatred!

In conclusion, this paragraph wins this award! It can be shared with Mary Beth Williams! CONGRATS!!! (Not really. BOOOOO.)



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