You have a reason to riot, but this is not it

From “Paterno Is Finished At Penn State, and President Is Out”:

WHAT!!! Is this FOR REAL??! IS THIS REAL LIFE!? Of all of the facts in this case, THIS is why you choose to riot? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? Seriously. Look at your life, look at your choices.

WHAT??? You’re CRYING about this?! What the fuck is going on at Penn State? Get it the fuck together, Kathryn! Save those tears and feelings of devastation for when you hear the details of child rape that at least partly occurred because your BFF coach did absolutely NOTHING to stop a KNOWN PEDOPHILE from continually raping little kids!! Save up ALL those tears, because it sounds like you will DEFINITELY need them!

This whole thing is such a disgusting clusterfuck, it’s unbelievable. Seriously, is Penn State in the US or ON ANOTHER PLANET??


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