Fuck it, it’s a boycott.

Hoooo boy. 30 Rock, I want to like you. But it would be really nice if I could watch you without feeling like I’m supporting a bunch of vaguely racist, misogynist homophobes. You already have a huge problem with rape jokes. I keep trying to forget about how Alec Baldwin is a disgusting person, but it’s hard when he’s writing about how men just can’t help treating their pregnant wives like shit cheating, especially if they’re “modern” and “high functioning.” (What?) And I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Tracy Morgan, but can we at least agree that him saying he would stab his son in the head if he’s gay is the tipping point? Like, I was already on the edge of a boycott, but now I basically have to boycott this show because I will not like myself as a person if I keep watching it. So, congrats.

[And this isn’t even including the super uncomfortable things that Tina Fey said in her book, which no one seems to be talking about. I’m sure your dad was a great guy Tina, but telling you that you had to put your bike away because he saw black kids around the neighbourhood is actually racist. You saying that you’re only attracted to white guys is also a sign of systemic racism. The fact that men in your writing room don’t know what pads used to look like is actually a by-product of sexism. Seriously, do you not get this?]



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2 responses to “Fuck it, it’s a boycott.

  1. Kevin

    Why do you think your opinion matters at all? Your blog entry is boring and nobody cares.

  2. On a blog that gets approximately zero comments per entry, you cared enough to comment. I guess my opinion mattered to you.

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