I certainly don’t know anyone who would want to date a vegan

Jon Shook, an owner of Animal, the meat- and fat-centric restaurant in Los Angeles, becomes effusive when he talks about coaxing his girlfriend, Shiri Appleby, a television actress and a former vegan, into eating his fried pork chops. “She’s like 110 pounds, maybe, in wet clothes, and when she’s with me, we eat everything and anything,” he said on the phone. “On our first date, I was like, ‘Hey, why’d you stop being a vegan?’ And she was like, ‘What kind of guy’s going to date a vegan?’ And I was like, ‘You’re awesome.’ ”


Can we seriously stop with this trope? Why is it considered “awesome” when a thin, white woman eats meat? People know that less than 3% of the US population is vegetarian, right? So can we all just agree that it isn’t so totally WILD and ABSURD to meet a woman who eats meat?

(Also, as an aside, it sounds like Shiri Appleby was already NOT a vegan when she met this guy [i.e., she said she had already given up veganism in order to be able to DATE A GUY before their first date], so I don’t really see how he “coaxed” her into anything.)

UGGHHHHHH 97% of the population eats meat GET OVER IT DUDE.


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