Aren’t you embarrassed?

The movie is Sex and the City 2. I downloaded it. I watched 45 minutes on the weekend and the rest of it last night (it is a very long movie). It was terrible. There were so many moments where I felt so very embarrassed for the actors in the movie. When I wasn’t actively embarrassed for them, I was often cringing in a state of near-embarrassment. The worst moment was when the women did karaoke at a club in Abu Dhabi. They sang “I am woman.” Their dance moves, the way they sang, what they were wearing, the “reaction” shots of the crowd…I have rarely felt so embarrassed for any other group of people on screen. There was really only one scene in the whole movie that actually seemed like it could’ve happened in real life. Two of the characters who are mothers are at a bar talking about how hard it is to be a mom. There was a line that was embarrassing (“And I have help [a nanny]! How do women without help do it?”) but I suppose it was also telling because these characters cannot imagine a world where people or a single person might raise a child without any outside help (or even without a consistent partner). And yet, that is THE world. It is far rarer that a parent has extra help, like a nanny, rather than not having that extra help. But not in their world. This movie is entrenched in that clueless, privileged attitude, and even if you can’t really put your finger on it, rest assured that that is what is so embarrassing about this movie.


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