Private concerns, redux

I first wrote about airport virtual strip-search machines here. I wrote in that post that the airport security person really seemed to want me to go through the scanner, presumably because it keeps the line moving faster than having to do a pat-down. My pat-down was then done in the middle of the security area, and definitely seemed to have an undercurrent of, “fine, I guess you’ll just be humiliated in public then!” Now the TSA (and I’m sure Canada will follow suit, why not?) has instituted “enhanced pat-downs,” descriptions of which sound terrifying and are, in at least these few cases, an excuse for government-approved sexual assault. My guess (and not just mine) is that these gropings are being instituted to force people into going through the scanners to keep the lines moving.

If you want to fly, and you are at an airport with a scanner, your choice is now to submit to a virtual strip-search, which may actually be harmful to your health (and the image of your naked body may not be deleted), or you can be groped.

As Melissa says, No, Thanks. I Guess I’ll Just Never Go Anywhere.


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