They have the authority to kill a minority

How is this possibly a case of involuntary manslaughter? Oscar Grant was shot in the back, while face-down on the ground with his arms handcuffed behind his back.

During the G20, I watched the CBC. Peter Manning was shocked that the riot cops in Queen’s Park were advancing without announcing why. Like that it was genuinely a huge, weird surprise to him that police who are dressed and presenting themselves in an ultra-aggressive manner wouldn’t take the time to let everyone know why they’re about to start terrorizing random citizens.

Sometimes there’s such a total disconnect in presumably intelligent people’s minds that I have to wonder who is really paying attention. I guess some people don’t really have to because it will never affect them anyways. But when you read reports like Oscar Grant’s, you wonder why anyone who isn’t a middle- to upper-class white man would trust the police at all, right? The US DOJ is looking into the case, but I honestly don’t expect much from that. Who would, besides Peter Manning?


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  1. You know, because you were watching.

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