This is what democracy looks like/This is what a police state looks like

Actually, I’m not sure what this looks like.

I don’t want to get too maudlin, but this sign…it got me.

Democracy on the march.

Keep protecting that US embassy, boys! Fight the good fight!

Yes! Definitely make sure we do not get down there!

Have you ever seen cops in full riot gear pulling on their gas masks? Yiiiiiiikes.

The following three pictures are of Yonge and Queen St. This was at least an hour after people started breaking various things, and there were absolutely no cops anywhere. It was unbelievable, because the week leading up to this thing, there were cops swarming the streets of downtown Toronto in numbers I have never seen before.

There was also no traffic, because people had taken over the roads.

The presumed bait car, pre-torching.

And then the path of destruction.


Should I admit that I was actually happy to see this? I don’t know if you’re aware, but just because you don’t have sweatshops, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for sexual harassment. Or for this. And yes, that brown matter is exactly what you think it is.

Oh hey, look who showed up! BUT WHAT OF THE FENCE!!!

So depressing, and not for the hand-wringing reasons that most people are talking about.


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  1. Hopefully you can use this ‘crazy junky mess’ tag again before too long.

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