Private concerns

I set off the metal detector (is that even what it’s still detecting at this point?) at Beirut, Paris, and Montreal, so I had a sneaking suspicion that I would be ushered into one of those full-body scanners at Toronto, which, why wouldn’t Toronto have a full-body scanner since it is slowly becoming some sort of weird police state.

I understand wanting to be safe (but let’s face it, you still aren’t safe, you only feel safe but that’s all that seems to matter) on an airplane or in the airport. I just don’t think allowing a stranger to see me naked is the best way to go about it. For example, please understand that when I’m being talked into allowing a stranger to see me naked, that is a situation in which I do not feel safe. The security woman told me that I would appear to be in a “bathing suit” to the person watching. Sure, okay. So the scanner can see through every layer of my clothes except my underwear? Right. Besides that making zero sense to anyone over 10, I actually read the news so I know that’s not true. I’m supposed to believe that these machines can see the size of a man’s genitals, but somehow, I will appear to be in a “bathing suit”? Right, okay. I guess saying it like that is supposed to make me not realize downright fucking creepy this whole thing is?

I opted for the pat-down instead — that’s what had happened at all of the other airports — but that was clearly not what the employee wanted me to choose. Sorry? Additionally, the pat-down happened basically in the middle of the security area, so so much for privacy concerns anyways, I guess. In the other airports I was taken into a separate room, but I guess policy at Pearson says that passengers can’t walk out of there without being mildly-to-terrifyingly embarrassed in one way or another. Thanks guys!

PS: I’d also like to thank our paranoid conservative government for the nightmare fence! Great work, everybody!


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