I know there are people who say, “I don’t really keep up with the news” and okay, I find that weird just in a how can you not keep up with the news, even unintentionally? kind of way, but whatever, to each her own, there’s only one true judge and that’s god or Brooke Shields in a fur garment.


Man! Man oh man oh man. Oh man oh man. What a day! So packed! Packed with editing books about Canadian labour struggles in the 1940s and making a zillion veganish whoopie pies! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT???

So on a day like today, I TOTALLY GET IT. I don’t think I checked the news ONCE today after 8:00am. TOO BUSY. I have no idea what happened in the world today. What’s weird though is that I always assume that if anything major happens, no matter where in the world, some sort of town alarm will go off? So I don’t need to worry so much if I don’t keep up with the news for 12 hours? I don’t know, where did I even get that idea? Do cities even have widespread, mass alarms anymore/ever? Has someone (me) been watching too many educational films about mock-nuclear alarms in 1950s small-town America (I have never watched even one of those films)?

Anyways, what happened today! What’s up, sinkhole! Destroy any more lives today? Shut up, oil nightmare. I’m not even talking to you.


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Filed under environmental nightmare, metaphorical US suburbia, veganish

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