The damage done

Oh, jeez. What a crazy world we live in, am I right? What a crazy, junky, mess of a place! It’s weird how one minute the sun is shining and it’s the hottest May since 1998 and you’re just jumping into life, and then the next minute you’re looking at oil-soaked wildlife and fighting back what would be an embarrassing display of emotion at work. But in general, things seem bad, right? I may be just a lowly oil scientist engineer (I am not an oil scientist engineer), but if people need to drill seven miles below the ocean, a depth at which, I don’t know, pipe-fixing technology actually cannot function, I’m going to say that things have gone far enough now. I think that I can be a fairly cynical person, but I say this with all sincerity: we are now witnessing an environmental horror show.

Speaking of environmental horrors:


See you in my nightmares, sinkhole!


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